Worried Chesterfield dog trainer launches petition to ban owners from walking their pets in hot weather

Alison Curry, 35, who has been working with dogs since she was 15 and runs her own dog training business in Chesterfield, said: “If it’s too hot your dog is not going to die of having missed a walk but your dog will die if you take him out and he gets heat stroke If someone walks the dog in 25, 27 degree heat I think that person should be fined I see it as animal cruelty, which can kill.

“75% of dogs who currently die of heat stroke lose their lives just from being walked at 20+ degrees. I know a lot of vets in the area and have heard stories of dogs having the paws burnt from the high heat of the sidewalk.

She has now started a petition prohibit the walking of dogs in the event of oppressive heat. It already has more than a hundred signatures.

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Alison Curry with her dog

Alison said: “I want to raise my voice to try to help as many dogs and owners as possible. People need to be educated and dogs need to be rescued, they trust us as humans and it’s up to us to take care of them. I will take the petition as far as I can to put an end to dogs being forced to walk in hot weather and suffer.

In addition to starting the petition, Alison conducts positive reinforcement dog training sessions, which include non-force training. She also runs an Ace Canine Dog Training Facebook page where she currently shares lots of ideas on how to support dogs during the heat wave.

As a result of the pandemic, the number of dog owners has increased by around 20% and Alison worries that there are people who have never owned dogs before and who do not know how to keep them safe. healthy.

She said: “It is important to keep dogs cool. It’s best to let them stay home on hot days and turn on a fan. You can also buy them a paddling pool, fill it with water, throw balls and treats to entice the dog to come in and cool off.

A dog cools down in a paddling pool

She also advised owners to walk dogs early in the morning and late at night to beat the heat, play games at home and buy frozen dog snacks.

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