Vancouver woman claims dog trainer went on ‘racist tangents’ (VIDEO)

A Metro Vancouver woman is warning others about the unregulated pet services industry after a trainer severed ties and refused to refund her hundreds of dollars – all because she brought his dog to Pride when it was hot.

After sifting through test after test to find a suitable dog trainer for his eight-month-old pit bull, Akash Gill decided to hire a dog trainer. In K9 Training Services.

She says she initially paid for an $80 in-person assessment so a trainer could assess her dog’s behavior and customize the program.

Thinking that would be the right fit, Gill electronically transferred $750 for six sessions. However, she tells Daily Hive: “Now in hindsight it seems so obvious, like why didn’t they have anything in writing?”

After the assessment and payment, Gill says she will communicate with him via text.

“Generally, if you’re going to hand over an exorbitant amount of money…you expect at least some sort of results or open lines of communication with someone for that amount. But… there was no set training schedule, there were no regulations, there were no guidelines, there were no policies in place.

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In the first four 45-minute sessions, Gill says the trainer did a decent job. After that, however, she claims “he went on some weird racist tangents.”

Gill says she felt some comments about British colonization of India were made because she is South Asian.

The dog’s owner claims that other sexist, homophobic and transphobic comments were made during these sessions.

“I have a buzzing head. I have tattoos from head to toe. I don’t dress very feminine so I’m not sure if those particular comments were directed at me or just in general, but… the comment that really stood out – which he said more than once was – “I remember when men were men and women were women. And you could actually make a difference,” she says.

Gill says she felt she got some value from the first sessions for her dog, but she also had few options given that she had already paid the trainer in full.

Lost credit because dog, owner spent time “in the sun” at Pride

On the way to his penultimate session, Gill’s dog started to feel sick. Considering the fifth session overlapped with last month’s heat wave, she texted the trainer to reschedule the appointment, and he agreed.

On the day Gill was scheduled to attend the session, she instead took her dog to Vancouver’s English Bay for a swim and then visited the Vancouver Pride Parade. She posted a video on her Instagram page of her dog Nash at the event.

“We just had a more relaxed day rather than jumping obstacles in an unair-conditioned facility with no way to cool off,” she explained, adding that her dog was wearing a cooling vest and cooling shoes.

“I fully admit I’m a crazy female dog. I have a backpack full of all the supplies you could think of, including frozen water bottles, food to treat water, a mug of water – all of the above to make sure it’s well taken care of in this environment and made sure we stayed in the shade without being in the sun.”

The following week, Gill texted the trainer to confirm a time and location for their rescheduled appointment. But he said she would have to pay extra.

“Sorry to say but your last credit was lost due to a decision that you decided to go parade downtown in the sun and say… Nash wasn’t doing well due to the heat and you want to keep it safe. [T]the training center [was] overcast and no sun at all, it would have been better and safer to come to training, if you[ou] are still [interested] by joining the group, you are welcome, but there is a fee for the last two sessions which is $80,” the trainer’s text reads.

Gill tells Daily Hive that she found this unfair given that there were no limits, guidelines for cancellation or a rescheduling policy set out from the start.

“You’ve agreed to reschedule now, the reason why you don’t decide if you’ve already been prepaid for a service, if you haven’t set any guidelines. It doesn’t make sense,” she told Daily Winter.

Gill responded to the trainer, explaining how she took care of her dog while attending the parade and accused him of having a problem with the 2SLGBTQ+ community.

“Nash had diarrhea so I didn’t want him doing a class and pooping all over the place, instead we found a cool place and spent the afternoon downtown and took all the precautions. for the warmth and went swimming,” reads his caption.

“Your homophobic comments throughout training were problematic, but we didn’t say anything because you seemed like a good coach. It seems like you have more issues with the gay and trans community, and that’s where the problem lies. You made comments about what men and women should be and their gender roles and made sexist jokes about women throughout our training. »

Her text says that without a contract, she was unclear on rescheduling policies in the first place.

“Seems like the problem is that we were at Pride. you got paid [$]750 for six training sessions and now you are using your personal judgments as a reason for not completing this there was no contract that stated any of these terms and you are viewing our social media and judging how we spend our day don’t is not appropriate to refuse training.”

The trainer responded simply by saying he didn’t accept Gill’s response and texted him saying, “Since you’re making personal statements, I think you better move on.”

Gill agreed and asked for a refund for his last two workouts. However, more than two weeks later, she says she has not received a response or her money.

Daily Hive contacted the In Training K9 Services, but the trainer declined to comment.

Dog trainer receives negative reviews

Earlier this month, Gill posted a video about his experience with the dog trainer, and it had more than 33,000 views on Tuesday afternoon.

Since then, In Training K9 Services has received several one-star reviews from people the trainer claims not to know and who have never used their services before.

“I will not use this company, and I hope you won’t either, after hearing about the biased and absolutely absurd behavior that is happening here. You have no right to treat anyone (especially a customer ) with disrespect and trying to extort money from him based on your personal beliefs. Get a life,” one person wrote.

Screenshots of Google Review

Others wrote that they had heard of the trainer’s discriminatory views and worrying attitude, so they wrote reviews to warn potential clients.

In response, the owner called the people posting the reviews ‘aliens’ and said, ‘Nothing better to do on a wonderful day, to spread lies about my business. [than] people I never trained.

Dog owner looking at next steps

Gill is considering her options for filing a lawsuit, including contacting Small Claims Court. However, she says what makes it difficult is that companies like the trainers are not registered with the Better Business Bureau.

“It’s an unregulated industry. So it’s hard to know where to go to lodge complaints,” she told Daily Hive.

Based on her experience, Gill says dog owners have to scroll through hundreds of results, “and you don’t necessarily know what to trust because there’s no accreditation that people have to do.”

“There are no special courses that people have to take. There is no quality exam for dog trainers; you basically go from what other people’s experiences have been and hope that if someone had a negative experience somewhere, they would have voiced it online,” she says.

Going forward, she says she knows she won’t move forward without the right paperwork and encourages other dog owners to do the same.

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