Tycalk9: Manuel Golden’s Animal Abuse Allegations

Tycalk9: Manuel Golden’s Animal Abuse Allegations – Dog Trainer Arrest Charges Explained: The owner and founder of the Tycalk9 company has been accused of animal abuse whose name is Manuel Golden, the Tycalk9 company is known for training pets nationwide. Manuel Golden’s name is searched the web by netizens for his latest controversial news. Here we have covered all issues comprehensively in this article, here you will learn what charges are leveled against animal trainer Manuel Golden? and what are the allegations against Manuel Golden? Know the whole story by reading the page. Follow more updates at GetIndiaNews.com

Manuel Golden animal abuse allegations

Manuel Golden and his company Tycalk9 are trending on Twitter but for unfavorable reasons. Manuel Golden came into the limelight when he and his company were accused of abusive behavior towards dogs and the growing number of dog lovers in the country severely criticized him and Tycalk9, on Twitter and other social media platforms. In order to train pets, they sometimes treat pets roughly and abusively, which is not considered a good way to train pets by pet lovers and pet owners. And this time the company Tycalk9 has come to the critical scorching stage, Tycalk9 is a Hoston-based company owned by Manuel Golden, and he would be accused of treating a dog abusively.

Dog Trainer Arrest Charges Explained

This case caught people’s attention after a post on social media went viral and this post was posted by Bane Of Existence on Twitter, according to the post, dogs are treated harshly because their training techniques are cruel and they keep the dogs in serious condition. . And Manuel Golden’s case is linked to a dog called Musa, according to reports Manuel stole the dog from a pet sitter and took the dog to his company’s training center and he also threatened the woman she was looking after Musa.

At this time there are no charges against Manuel Golden for stealing the dog, he has just been charged with taking the dog without noticing the dog’s owner and putting the dog in his training center. According to social media, this case is being investigated by Houston police and if Manuel Golden is found guilty, he could go behind bars or be fined for stealing the dog. Therefore, Manuel Golden is not famous enough in the country, he has not been added to Wikipedia or he may have deactivated all his social media accounts due to the heat of this matter.

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