TikTok dog trainer reveals eight best breeds to own if you have kids

Canine expert and TikTok user @southenddogtraining1 shared the breed of dogs families should consider if they want to introduce a four-legged friend into their home.

He said Golden Retrievers would be his first choice for families. He said: “Probably the friendliest and most social dog on the planet, fantastic with children. Very soft, very soft, but also active enough for you to go on vacation, to the beach, etc.

Listing other breeds known to be good with children, he added: “Other dog breeds that are notoriously good with children are the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Border Terrier, Greyhound, St Bernard, Terre -Neuve, the Bernese Mountain Dog, the Leonberger to name a few.”

Boxers and Labradors were also mentioned on his list which he added in the comments.

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Dog warning to UK parents

In the video, the trainer then shared valuable lessons that parents should share with their children when considering getting a dog.

He said: ‘Make sure you teach your children that dogs are not climbing frames and make sure you teach your children to leave dogs alone when eating and sleeping. Teach your child to respect the dog, teach your dog to respect your child.

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