The UN’s man-bites-dog adoption of a measure to condemn Holocaust denial

What do you know? The United Nations, which spends much of its time bashing the world’s only Jewish state, just adopted an Israeli resolution condemning Holocaust denial. Hear, hear.

It was only second time since Israel’s founding in 1948 that Turtle Bay OK’d a measure from the Jewish state. Little steps for little feet.

The resolution doesn’t actually require anything: It simply “condemns” any “denial of the Holocaust” and “urges” actions to counter such pernicious fake history. Iran, which openly promotes this poison (even hosting an annual Holocaust-denial conference), was its sole opponent — natch.

Noting that the world adopted The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide “to avoid repetition of genocides such as those committed by the Nazis,” the resolution declares that denying the slaughter of “nearly 6 million Jews,” a full third of the Jewish people, as well as efforts to downplay the horror, blame Jews for it or otherwise blur responsibility, amounts to “anti-Semitism,” a disease now metastasizing on the Internet and social-media platforms.

That the United Nations — created to foster global peace and mutual respect — has adopted such a statement shouldn’t be big news. Yet it’s telling that it took 75 years since its own founding in 1945 (and 80 years to the day since Nazis at the Wannsee Conference devised their “Final Solution” to exterminate Jews) to do so.

Meanwhile, more hate crimes in the United States (55%) are aimed at Jews than at any other religious group, per the FBI. A terrorist just held Jews hostage for 10 hours at a Texas synagogue. In recent years, 11 Jews were murdered in attack on a Pittsburgh congregation and one at a shul in San Diego.

Yet condemning Holocaust denial, and anti-Semitism, won’t just protect Jews: Bigots can target anyone; Jews are singled out often, but no one should take comfort in that. By adopting the Israeli resolution against bigotry of any kind, the United Nations took an important step toward a better world for everyone.

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