Teen Dog Trainer Teaching All Pooches New Tricks | New

Dogs, like humans, should learn basic life skills and Trinity Pierce leads the pack with grace.

“It’s important because it teaches your dog right from wrong. I see a lot of dogs that are out of control because dogs don’t know any better, like, they jump on you. A dog won’t know that this isn’t good so you have to teach them,” said Pierce, a certified dog trainer. THE STAR Wednesday.

Although her love for animals developed from an early age, Pierce discovered her calling at the age of 13, when she began volunteering at a “dog shelter” in the US state. of Virginia, where she currently resides. The 19-year-old, of Jamaican descent, realized that there was more to “sitting and watching them” in caring for dogs.

“I used to watch TV a lot and see how people trained their dogs. So when I started working at the shelter, I had them [the animals] doing simple things like sitting or lying down, just stuff like that. But then I started working on my craft with my own animals,” she said. To improve her skills, she got certified by taking an online course.

According to Pierce, dog training involves patience, consistency, and repetition. These three components, she said, are what guarantee great results and smart, well-trained dogs.

“I taught my dog ​​how to jump through a hoop, how to shake my hand, how to high-five, how to spin in a circle, how to weave [go through her legs] and I taught my dog ​​to bow,” Pierce said.

Noting that there is a viable market for dog trainers, citing that there are more pet owners in Jamaica. The best part of dog training for Pierce is seeing the results. She was careful to note that dog training, while fun, can also be frustrating when the results aren’t there.

“[When] you teach your dog a new trick and you see this result, it’s really amazing. Your dog might leave the way he was, say maybe your dog was aggressive, and then continue on this journey with your dog, that growth is probably the most comforting thing you can feel. It’s kind of like a happy moment, even for the dog,” the Jamaican-born 19-year-old told the press team.

Her future plans are to enroll in a university to begin studies in veterinary science.

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