SunLive – At Full Capacity: Reducing the Costs of Adopting a Tauranga Dog

Tauranga SPCA has been pressured into halving its prices for dog adoptions due to capacity issues at its center.

During the school holidays until Sunday July 24, the Tauranga SPCA center is offering a 50% discount on all dog adoptions to relieve capacity constraints at their center.

SPCA centers in Whakatane, Taupo, Rotorua, Thames and Hamilton are also offering the same discount as they struggle with the number of dogs in their care.

“[Our centre] is very tense. We are currently at full capacity, with the shelter rooms being converted into temporary puppy enclosures,” says Andrea Crompton, Manager of the Tauranga Center.

Asked why the center is overcrowded especially for dogs, Andrea says: “For the most part it’s the owners’ failure to de-exert their dogs and the SPCA encourages all owners to de-exert their pets from company “.

Canine capacity issues are also related to the time of year.

A three-month-old mixed-breed female named Pickles, loves to play and is waiting to be adopted from the Tauranga shelter. Photo: supplied.

“Winter traditionally sees dog adoption decline. People want dogs in the summer when they can go out with them while the weather is warm.

“Dogs can have puppies all year round while cats breed in hot weather.”

The need to reduce dog adoptions by 50% has implications for animal care costs that the center must also cover.

“All dogs that leave our center are vaccinated, asexual and microchipped, there is obviously a cost to that.

“Although there is an impact, we would prefer to see our dogs returned to their forever homes as soon as possible.”

Already halfway through the school holidays, Andrea says the Tauranga center has yet to see an increase in dog adoptions… “but we are hopeful and there is still time”.

Tauranga SPCA’s 50% discount on all dog adoptions will continue through Sunday, July 24.

If you would like a cuddly canine visit: or head to the Tauranga Center at 43 Alach Street, Gate Pa.

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