Stacey Solomon defended herself after critics slammed ‘ridiculous’ dog adoption

A rescue center has hit back after critics slammed Stacey Solomon’s dog adoption process.

The Loose Women panelist welcomed working cocker spaniel Teddy to her Pickle Cottage home earlier this week.

Stacey adopted the pup after her 11-year-old dog, Theo, died last December.

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She told her Instagram followers: “Last night we saved a dog. But today I don’t know who saved who. We miss you so much Theo.

“I hope you look up from the skies smiling, knowing Peanut won’t be so lonely anymore and a dog that really needed a family now has one.”

However, some Stacey fans responded to the comments to claim that she received preferential treatment in the adoption process.

Jessica said: “I would like to know how you do this, I had to go get a puppy because no rescue would let me have a dog because I had a baby. You have a toddler and a baby.

“It’s ridiculous that so-called normal people can’t rescue but famous people can and no matter the circumstances.”

Sophie commented: “I just find that rescues don’t normally make the adoption process any easier. Families normally need older children etc as they don’t know a dog’s story. But for celebrities, they break the rules.

“Not even a home visit. Why not give everyone the same treatment whether they’re famous or not.”

Ms Miller added: “It’s brilliant and all, I’m sure he will be really loved with you guys. But I went to dog rescue a few weeks ago and they told us that anyone with Children under 6 years old are not allowed to have a rescue dog?

Maryann posted: “I can’t believe he’s a rescue dog and they just let you take him home, whatever the celebrities did next we should have been checked and had a visit home”

Stacey adopted Teddy from ProDogsDirect – and the rescue center hit back at the critics.

They wrote on Instagram: “We treat each dog as an individual – many of our dogs, unfortunately the majority, cannot be housed with young children due to their past or lack of information about their past.

“[Teddy] is great with children, he has a fabulous temperament and is now in a great home. We know it’s hard when you have kids, and we want all of our dogs to be able to be housed with kids.

“They can’t, but those who can, we’ll declare and put them in a home with children if it’s the right home for the dog. Each dog is individual and so are each of our applicants. S please be kind, we all want the same thing and that is to see all animals safe and loved

They added: “Yes, we have repatriated one of our dogs for @staceysolomon and his family. Yes, she went through our adoption process, yes, she filled out an application form, yes, her home was checked, and no, she hasn’t adopted a dog in 24 hours.

“It’s so sad that the minority cannot be happy that a rescue dog has found a great home where he will be loved and cared for – we couldn’t be happier for Teddy and his new family… Thanks to everyone who is happy for Teddy

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