Reading Between the Lines in Dog-Adoption Instagram Posts

When they say, “Little Clover is one of our Chihuahua puppies!” She’s a smart cookie and isn’t afraid of food! She may be small, but she has a big personality.

What they mean is, “That dog will bite you if you get between her and her food.” She will bite you even if you look at her sideways while she is eating. And she’s so cute that you’re going to blame yourself. Honestly, she’s so cute that if she bites your child, you’ll consider getting rid of your child before you consider getting rid of Clover.

When they say, “Flopsy is a four-year-old shepherd mix with a big personality!” It’s a blunder, you’d think he was still a puppy! Head over to our website to apply for Flopsy today!

What they mean is, “Chaotic. Give up the idea of ​​sleeping in (you will have to get up at 5 A M to take him for a walk) and sell your beautiful furniture now. Buy patio chairs for indoors, because they’re the only thing that will stand up to Hurricane Flopsy.

When they say, “Mr. Pickles is a nice senior dog who likes to relax and unwind on the couch. He has such soulful eyes – it’s almost like he knows exactly what you’re thinking. Good with kids and other pets.

What they mean is, “Mr. Pickles might just be a human cursed to live like a dog.” We’re not sure, but he definitely seems to understand English. His adoptive owners once came home to find that he had not only turned on the television, but had somehow rented “The Bourne Identity” on demand.

When they say, “We’re jealous of whoever adopts Porkchop!” He’s a true alpha dog – we call him the leader of the pack! She is doing very well with pee training and is on her way to being one hundred percent cage trained.

What they mean is, “This dog will rule your house.” It will start small, dragging you for walks and demanding food when she wants it. Then it will get more extreme – you will have to quit your job to meet his demands. You will never know a moment of peace again.

When they say, “Mr. Pickles was back! We can’t believe Mr. P. is still looking for his forever home! Please contact us to apply to be his foster or future family !

What they mean is, “Mr. Pickles is cursed to wander this Earth, looking for a way to reunite his soul with his human body.” He has a mournful howl. Your neighbors will certainly complain about the mournful howl.

When they say, “We’re preparing for a flurry of applications for sweet Mookie!” Get a load from this handsome man! People will stop you on the street just to say hello to Mooks!

What they mean is, “Mookie is a dog.” He is . . . well, it’s a dog. And he really looks like it. He never sleeps and will eat you out and about, but he is very cute.

When they say, “Calling all dog lovers! We’re still looking for someone to help Mr. Pickles find a dog bed that belongs to him! We know not everyone wants to adopt an old man, but we promise you’ll be rewarded with his kindness and sweet vibes.

What they mean is, “You would literally adopt an old man, like an old man who crossed paths with a witch and turned into a dog.” You’ll be “rewarded” if you help him learn his lesson (that money can’t buy happiness), because he’s actually a wealthy Scrooge-type billionaire who will definitely hand over his fortune to you if you do. means to become human again. If he can communicate all this to you, of course. He’s a miserly old man in a dog’s body, so he’ll have a hard time communicating. Also, the witch will be kind of on the prowl, watching her progress. She’ll appear as a weird new neighbor, the guy who runs the newsstand, a kid who dropped his ice cream cone. But they are all her, the witch. Again, you could end up with all of Mr. Pickles’ fortune, and that’s fine, but, in the meantime, he’ll still be peeing on your couch. And enter your liquor cellar.

When they say, “Spot: 1-year-old male pug, open DMs.”

What they mean is, “Spot: 1-year-old male pug, open DMs.” ♦

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