Proceeds from ‘Dogecoin’ covered everyone’s dog adoption costs at a Florida shelter

Ricci says she finds that “handicapped dogs are either very popular or there is no interest whatsoever.”

Eryn Bugbee

“He’s been in the job for over three weeks now, and we’ve been unlucky.”

The 4-year-old Indian Pariah mix came to Toronto from India, where he was partially paralyzed after being hit by a car.

The resourceful pup now uses a wheelchair to get around, although he prefers to get around using a drag bag, according to Ricci.

Sam needs a little extra attention due to his injuries, and his new family will have to help him use the bathroom four times a day thanks to expression.

This just means he will need to be stimulated to use the toilet to avoid accidents, as he has only partial control over his bladder and bowels due to his injuries, and during the night he will need to wear a diaper. .

Ricci says, “Sam is really adorable.”

“He is very much in love. He loves his people.”

“He would probably like a family that would take him for two brisk walks a day and spend a lot of time snuggling up to him on the couch.”

Sam’s journey

Sam has been through a lot in his life, but thanks to amazing rescue groups and individuals, he is finally able to find a family.

Sam came from a rescue group in Punjab called Cawa Nurturing the Bond after his accident, where his chances of being adopted were close to zero.

Ricci says the shelter he came from was very “run down” and as “he’s paralyzed, there was really no chance he would be adopted”.

“He probably would have spent his whole life in that shelter.”

Angela Parker of Second Chance Animal Sanctuary and Rescue connected New Collar Collective with the rescue group in India, and Sam was able to be transferred to Toronto, where he would have a better chance of finding a home.

He arrived with a fellow flight attendant who volunteered to guide him on his way to Canada on October 26 and went to his host family’s home.

Sam’s foster families, Eryn Bugbee and Kathryn Morse, have cared for Sam ever since, dressing him for Halloween in a Scooby-Doo Mystery Van, caring for him through medical alerts and hoping he finds his home forever.

Eryn Bugbee

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, Sam’s foster family will be traveling during the holidays, which means that until he is adopted, he will have to find another foster family to look after him.

Ricci says a request has come in to take Sam in, but they still need foster homes for their animals.

How to Adopt Sam

Sam’s adoption fee is $725, and he’s already neutered and up to date on all his shots and shots.

Sam would do best as the only animal in a home with no children or older ones. His owner must also be open to working on his reactivity towards other dogs.

However, he’s a low energy dog, according to his foster families, who loves people and cuddles, so if you’re looking for an adorable puppy to keep you company who’d rather watch TV than go for a hike, Sam could be your boyfriend.

To apply for adoption or learn more about Sam, you can visit the New Collar Collective website.

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