Preliminary work underway for a new dog adoption center in Rowan County

ROWAN COUNTY, NC (WBTV) — A very ambitious goal has been reached that will soon mean a new dog adoption center will be built in Rowan County. A group called Shelter Guardians is working with the county on the $2.3 million project.

Chris Bradshaw is the general contractor for the new dog adoption center, but as an owner and dog lover, this is also a project he has put his heart into.

“Right now I think they’re more important than ever because people are locked down, they don’t have one-on-one contact with other people, and an animal, it’s unresponsive, they’re very loyal,” Bradshaw said.

Some preliminary work is already underway where the new facility will be built. The new facility will be an 11,600 square foot structure with plenty of space for dogs and potential owners to get to know each other.

“They can go out and see, interview the family and see the different animals available.” said Bradshaw. “It will be a nice atmosphere for them to take the dogs and see what they will look like.”

There will be private rooms where the potential adopter and the dog can get away from other people, noise and other animals, and have a chance to see if the adoption is right for everyone.

According to the Shelter Guardians website, the dog adoption center will also offer a surgery and spaying room, surgical prep room, large dog recovery rooms, small dog recovery suites and dog suites. adoptable. The kennels will include automatic watering and built-in raised beds to improve health, comfort and easier cleaning. There will be a separate “Puppy Palace” room to house puppies and small dogs.

There will also be a dog food preparation kitchen, laundry room and clean linen room, as well as a professional bathing and grooming room. Along with 42 other large kennels and four (4) giant kennels, this volunteer friendly environment will provide a less stressful and healthier environment for dogs and a safer environment for volunteers and staff. There will also be enough space to provide spaying and neutering surgeries for each dog and cat before they are adopted.

The idea for the center came from Nina Dix, co-founder and president of Shelter Guardians, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the Rowan County Animal Shelter. SG is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was founded in June 2014 with a mission to make Rowan County Animal Shelter “a healthier, less stressful place for homeless animals awaiting adoption” .

To honor her work, Bradshaw said the center would be named after Nina Dix.

“It’s been like the icing on the cake, this dog adoption center,” Bradshaw said. “The thing is, Nina Dix has done so much to bring this about and help it evolve.”

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