Oswestry: the work of a recognized dog trainer at an event in London

A DOG trainer who runs classes in the Oswestry area was among the Welsh women business owners celebrated at an event in Whitehall, London.

Some of Wales’ most successful female entrepreneurs have been invited by Simon Hart, the Secretary of State for Wales, to a gathering to celebrate these successes.

One of them was Karen Boyce, from Wrexham, who runs professional dog services at Beastly Thoughts.

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She said: “I am very proud to say that I believe that due to our tremendous successes over the past two years and our innovative approach to dog training, we have been chosen for the event.

“I would really like to thank Simon Hart and the Welsh Government for the opportunity to meet and be able to talk to so many friendly and motivated women. I hope we see each other again soon.

Karen, originally from Shrewsbury but now living in Froncysyllte, has been helping families and their pets for nearly 30 years, and her business will turn 15 this year.

The 58-year-old explained that their puppy classes were a good example of how they had adapted during the pandemic.

Pictured: Karen Boyce with Evie.

Karen added: “Before the pandemic, in 2019, 170 puppies enrolled in our Puppy School program. For 2020, we have reached the impressive total of 220! And last year we were amazed to have entered 250 puppies.

“In addition, when the first confinement arrived, we were unable to do face-to-face courses, so we had to quickly innovate and create online training platforms in partnership with courses via Zoom!

“When outdoor meetings with one person finally became possible, we invented a new service for this opportunity to train too; our Walk and Learn service. It proved extremely popular and successful and is now still available and is just as popular.

“I’m very proud of the company and the team when I look back and see how we coped and grew during what was quite a torrid time.”

Karen also owns the Awesome and Rawsome Pets shop in Froncysyllte, selling premium foods and products selected for their health benefits and environmental friendliness.

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