National Puppy Day: Dog trainer shares advice

MANHATTAN, NY (PIX11) – Wednesday is National Puppy Day, and the only way to spend the day is with four-legged friends.

Renowned dog trainer Tom Davis was at Rockefeller Center to give dog owners tips and tricks on how to better train their pets. The dog’s owner, Justin Duffy, brought his rescue dog, Terra, to one of Davis’ dog camps upstate and wanted to further his training.

“One of the main things is just to spend more time with other calm dogs,” Duffy said. “It’s cool to see people trying to be better with their dogs and I think that’s what it is. [Davis] doing to cultivate this is very important.

Davis generally helps dog owners with behavior modifications and stricter obedience. He said it’s never too early to start training and owners need to be patient and consistent because we humans spend a quarter of our lives being educated and learning how to prepare for the future. life.

“Then we invite dogs that are animals into our world of our home to try to live with our family and expect them to be well behaved,” Davis said.

Exercise is also important – not just physical, but mental. Letting your dog sniff and explore on walks is one way to do this, Davis said.

“Everyone thinks they have a big garden, they go to the dog park, they’re good,” Davis said. “It’s better than nothing, but the dog also needs mental stimulation. They really have to think.

Davis shares more tips on how to train your puppy or older dog on his Youtube channel and “No Bad Dogs” Podcast.

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