Las Vegas sees spike in sick pets after monsoon rains, dog trainer says

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – A Las Vegas-area dog trainer says he’s seen an increase in sick dogs after monsoon humidity hit the valley in recent weeks, and some vets are also seeing the trend.

Birds that nest on roofs carry many diseases and when it rains, the water falls on the roof and then into backyards and parks, taking diseases with it, which can be dangerous for your dogs. .

Leftover wet spots on the floor are something you might want to watch out for when walking your dog after a rain.

“The water may just sit there and look clean and clear, but under a microscope it can be very dangerous to our animals,” dog trainer Kevin Martinez said.

Martinez said it was dangerous.

“The pigeons have a lot of disease and a lot of pests in them so when the runoff water hits our roof and runs into our garden then we leave the dogs outside to go to the toilet and they get in there or roll around there -inside. water and they end up licking their pads or licking their fur afterwards and they’re going to ingest those parasites,” Martinez said.

FOX5 made a few calls to some area veterinarians, and they said they were seeing an uptick in the number of dogs coming in sick to their clinics after the rain.

A vet said there are certain signs you want to watch out for:

  • loose stool
  • Loss of appetite
  • Unexplained tiredness

Martinez said that after it rains, it’s best to clean up your yard before letting your dog go out unsupervised.

“I have a 3 gallon chemical sprayer that I got from the local hardware store, I put about two inches of bleach in the bottom chemical sprayer, and I fill it with water and spray the entire yard with bleach,” Martínez said.

He said the parasites can cause a chain reaction.

“If you have a dog with diarrhea and you’re walking in the park and your dog uses the bathroom and then my dog ​​walks in after that and sniffles in the area where your dog just defecated, then now my dog will end up sick too and it continues,” Martinez said.

The vet also said it’s best to bring your pet in every six months for a fecal sample to make sure he doesn’t have any parasites.

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