Kozhikode Corporation will hold a dog adoption camp on November 29

The Kozhikode Corporation is preparing for its first dog adoption camp on November 29.

“For a long time people have been dropping puppies on the street at our ABC center in Poolakkadavu. Some people chose to adopt them right from the center after vaccination,” said Standing Health Committee Chairman S. Jayasree. She said the recent High Court directive on these lines led the civic body to set up an adoption camp.

The camp will take place at Tagore Centenary Hall, from where people can adopt the vaccinated puppies. “It’s much better than letting them grow up on the streets among dangerous dogs. And that’s all we can do until we have a better plan to rehabilitate them,” Ms Jayasree said.

Currently, the Society has 11 vaccinated puppies at its ABC Centre. They are cared for by two non-governmental organizations that have partnered with the civic organization for the rehabilitation of stray dogs.

“This is a first experimental step. However, if the program is successful and all the puppies have takers, we have a pre-registration system whereby we can provide puppies to people as we get them,” she said.

The puppies are all less than two months old and are not neutered. The authorization process and the implantation of microchips in the animals will take place later after the adoption.

The Society also plans to establish “dog parks” in the city, where stray dogs can be kept safe from harming the public. “Some NGOs have expressed their willingness to run the dog parks if we set them up,” Ms Jayasree said.

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