K9 stars’ dog trainer is saved by his own support animal

Ohana Dog Show Trainer, Cassie Kennedy, joined Gaelle Guyardo the host of national health and wellness show Bloom to share the story of how her very own support animal saved her life.

Kennedy, owner, founder and trainer of the Ohana Dog Show, began training dogs when she was just eight years old and began training for competitive agility with her Golden Retriever, Fathom, in only eleven years old. She has always had a passion for dog sports and trick training ever since, and wanted to share that passion with her community through performances with her best friends.

At the age of fifteen, Cassie began demonstrating agility and tricks with her Border Collies. His two main goals are to help teach the general public the importance of training his animals and to educate people on the power of positive reinforcement through his demonstrations.

She also fostered many dogs for Ewenity Farm Herding Dog Haven until they found their forever home, and she also wrote many articles on animal rescue for Tampa’s duPont Registry Luxury Living Guide. Bay and was featured in “The New Barker Dog Magazine”. “. In addition to performing at children’s birthday parties, she has also performed at various other events with her dogs and provided the pre-game show for Clearwater Threshers “Dog Days Of Summer” at Spectrum Field. and for the Tampa Tarpons “Bark At The Park”. Her passion for training inspired her to bring home a new Border Collie puppy, whom she affectionately named “Renegade”.

Cassie simply couldn’t imagine a world without dogs. Although her favorite breed is still the Border Collie, she will always hold a special place in her heart for Golden Retrievers. Because it was her first dog, Fathom (a Golden Retriever) who inspired her to enter the wonderful world of dog training.

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