I’m a dog trainer – my fake hand method to tell if a dog is too dangerous to adopt

A PRO dog trainer has shared his fake hand method that helps dog lovers find out if a rescue dog is too dangerous to adopt.

Gia Savocchi, the founder of Think Canine in New Yorkpointed out that these animals have often been abused, neglected or abandoned, so their instinct is to defend themselves.


Dangerous Dog Bit Off Fake Hand When Dog Trainer Used It To Pet HimCredit: TIKTOK/thinkingcanine
A dog allowed the dog trainer to pet him with the fake hand


A dog allowed the dog trainer to pet him with the fake handCredit: TIKTOK/thinkingcanine

Savocchi posted a video on TikTok, which saw her demonstrate the difference between a dangerous dog and a dog that can be adopted.

The dog trainer, who has a college education in psychology and behavior and a decade of dog training experience, used a fake hand attached to a stick to pet two dogs.

A pit bull bit off the fake hand after being petted, indicating the pit bull is not yet adoptable, the dog trainer said.

“What the resource protection tests tell us is whether a dog is likely to cause serious harm to the home,” the Savocchi said.

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Another pitbull dog passed the test when the same fake hand method was used on him.

This dog continued to eat his food and did not bite the fake hand.

Dogs that growl or snap are okay — but they shouldn’t hurt people trying to take their food away, Savocchi said.

She explained that dogs tend to bite when startled or when they feel threatened.

She reiterated that it is important to get tested before adopting a companion dog.

Rescue dogs usually have more problems to solve because they have been through a lot.

In another revelation ICT Tac video, Savocchi reveals how she helps dogs become more confident when playing.

My goal when working with my dogs is for them to be confident and stay committed to their tasks or what I have asked them to do, no matter what is happening in the environment,” she said. Explain.

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His method involved shaking a can of dog food next to his pet Georgi while they played with a pull-along toy and even rocking it slightly with paper.

Savocchi showed that even though Georgi was engaged in the game, she stopped when asked to “without any sort of struggle”.

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