I’m a dog trainer and these are the best breeds if you don’t want to walk a lot

DO YOU WANT a companion dog but don’t want to spend whole weekends on long hikes?

Well, certain breeds will suit your lifestyle better, according to the dog trainer and founder of Dogs with mannersAlice Manners.


Dog pro Alice says Pomeranians are great for owners who don’t want to walk far with their poochesCredit: Getty

Speaking to Fabulous, Alice shared the dog breeds that are the best choices for those who don’t want or can’t do a lot of walking.

“When it comes to tiring a dog, walking isn’t the only solution,” says Alice, “mental stimulation is just as good, and just as important!

“Try playing with your dog, letting him fetch food around the house, or doing indoor training,” she suggests.

And for those looking for a dog that loves lazy Sunday afternoons, there are a number of breeds that will suit your lifestyle perfectly.

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What dog breeds are best for those who don’t want to walk a lot?


Despite being a large breed, Mastiffs are a perfect choice for someone who doesn’t want to spend hours walking their dog, says Alice.

Although he can be very energetic as a puppy, an adult Mastiff will usually have a more moderate energy level and only need a few hours of activity a day.


This relaxed, easy-going breed is another great choice for those who prefer not to spend their free time hiking in the woods.

Alice says Bassets are an easy-going breed


Alice says Bassets are an easy-going breedCredit: Getty

“But be aware that they tend to follow their noses so can be difficult to train,” adds Alice.

So if you are adopting an untrained Basset Hound, it may be worth contacting a dog trainer for advice.


Pomeranians are your typical small dog who thinks he is a big dog and will certainly serve as a warning if someone is approaching your house.

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Alice trains some of her dogs


Alice trains some of her dogsCredit: Alice Manners

They also tend to need minimal exercise and don’t eat huge amounts of food.

However, this breed is notorious for not getting along with everyone, so be sure to bond with the pooch and be careful when introducing them to new people.

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