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A CELEBRITY dog trainer has revealed the best ways to figure out which pup is right for you, including signs that he might be dangerous.

Certified professional trainer and TikTok sensation Sam Hoke told the US Sun that you should spend a lot of time analyzing a dog’s behavior before making a final decision.


Celebrity dog ​​trainer Sam Hoke told the US Sun exactly how to choose the right pup

The TikToker said you should take the dog for a walk and analyze its behavior


The TikToker said you should take the dog for a walk and analyze its behavior

Hoke also said that if a dog is scared, it may seem aggressive.


Hoke also said that if a dog is scared, it may seem aggressive.

“You want to make sure they got a decent education,” Hoke said.

“It’s more about their behavior and their temperament. You need to see how they interact with you.

The trainer, known as @dogtrainerofficial on TikTok, said when you first meet a dog you should walk together.

While hanging out with the pup, it’s important to watch how he reacts to cars, other dogs, and children – if you have a family.

Hoke said analyzing these behaviors is especially important if you’re adopting from a shelter.

Just like humans, the canine expert said the first four and eight weeks of a puppy’s life are extremely important.

So if you meet the furry guy after this point, it’s best to get as much information as possible. However, beware of what others say.

“I wouldn’t trust a lot of the information you get from shelters because a lot of them are just trying to get the dogs through,” Hoke said.

“A lot of people will go into sessions with a rescue dog and have that whole story back, and I’ll meet the dog and know none of that is true.”


Hoke has worked with many dogs over his illustrious career, but he said an aggressive animal is hard to come by.

Instead, prospective owners should look for signs that a dog is scared, because that’s when the creature can run wild.

“Aggressive dogs are rare. They are more reactive and that shows up in aggression,” Hoke said.

This reactivity comes mainly from fear or from the role that the dog has assumed.

It’s important to find a safe dog because they can appear aggressive if they feel the need to protect themselves or their family.

So just know that if a dog grows up or bites others, it’s usually because something is scaring him.

“A lot of the time humans just reinforce bad behavior because they don’t know it,” Hoke said.

“If you give them the tools to interact with dogs in the right way, they can reduce that reactivity.

“That being said, if you have a breed that requires a lot of effort, it won’t be as easy.”

Hoke also revealed to The US Sun three warning signs you may have picked the wrong breed for your family.

When he’s not sharing advice about his ICT Tacthe famous trainer works in his exclusive dog training center in Los Angeles, California, ranch dog training.

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