Huntsville dog owner concerned after viral video dog trainer fired

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) – Ashlyn Walton is a dog lover and a dog mother herself.

Colt was freshly signed up to Huntsville’s Off Leash K9 for four days until she was emailed a certain video involving franchise owner Ciara Stevens.

“I was watching it and it was just… My anxiety exploded. It was awful,” Walton said. “And I felt completely helpless, I felt so sad, I immediately got in my car, I called my dad, called the facility and said I was coming to pick up my dog. It’s not good.

Owners regularly receive email videos of their pets being trained, but this was mistakenly sent to Walton. She then uploaded it to Facebook.

After Colt was brought home, Walton noticed something was different.

“He didn’t want to leave me, he was sensitive around his neck, he had sores on his leg, I thought maybe it was because he was in a crate, I don’t know,” he said. she continued. “But I could definitely tell the difference in him and it was terrifying to think what could have been done.”

Off Leash K9 released the following statement regarding the incident stating:

The OffLeash K9 Training Family takes the safety and well-being of all dogs seriously. Each company location is licensed to an independent owner and operator who has extensive experience in dog training. Every owner and trainer must train every dog ​​in their care in a manner that meets or exceeds our rigorous standards and adheres to all company policies at all times. The recent incident in Huntsville, Alabama violated these standards and policies. The owner of the location was fired due to their conduct. The OffLeash K9 family does not condone or condone the behavior displayed. A qualified trainer, under the direct supervision of the company’s head office, has assumed the management of this location to ensure that all customers, whether two-handed or four-legged, receive professional care and service.

Colt was supposed to be in a two-week program. Now the plans have changed.

“My confidence is gone. I mean, this isn’t the first time an incident like this has happened in this franchise. I’m sure there are a lot of great coaches in this franchise, but no, how could I, you know?

WAFF 48 contacted Ciara Stevens for comment but did not hear back.

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