How Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews’ dog trainer Tom Davis became a viral star

Tom Davis and his Lakota dog–6-year-old Dutch Shepherd– in Saratoga Springs, May 26, 2022–taken by Shawn Lachapelle

Shawn Lachapelle

Dog trainer Tom Davis was recently in Texas – on a break from work with Patrick Mahomes, Brittany Matthewsand the couple’s two dogs – when he decided to visit a park with a “Free Dog Training” sign.

Davis’s impromptu efforts to help dog owners, including help a woman train her dog in minutesended up making him a viral star, and he credits his celebrity clients for his rapid success.

“They’re both really great people, genuine people,” Davis, 33, told PEOPLE of the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback and Matthews, both 26. expecting their second child.

“Every break I would go out and hold up a ‘Free Dog Training’ sign and try to help people,” the dog trainer says of how his work with the couple turned in a moment. viral.

“I go out, and I filmed a thing with a dog, and the owner was blown away. She was like, ‘I never thought of it like that,’ and it was probably a 10-minute thing, but over a million people within 24 hours I saw it and commented on it,” Davis adds.

credit: Shawn Lachapelle tom davis dog trainer offering free dog training on May 25, 2022 at Congress Park, Saratoga Springs, NY...6 month old Golden Retriever named

Credit: Shawn Lachapelle Tom Davis dog trainer offering free dog training on May 25, 2022 at Congress Park, Saratoga Springs, NY… 6 month old Golden Retriever named ‘Honey’. I use leash pressure to teach Honey not to jump on guests. The dog’s owner was really struggling with Honey’s jump. Every time Honey got excited and jumped, I used the leash to correct the jump and said “OFF”. After two small corrections, Honey welcomed people on all fours on the ground! You can find this training video on my youtube channel, Upstate Canine Academy!

Shawn Lachapelle

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During his free training sessions, Davis often travels with a cameraman to capture the progress he can make with a dog in minutes. The trainer then shares the videos on TikTok (@AmericasCanineEducator), where Davis has over 1.2 million subscribers and millions of views. He credits his success to his ability to quickly connect with dogs and their owners, but that success hasn’t come easy.

After living in his friend’s backyard, Davis started a dog walking business. This passion for pooches led the animal lover to grow from dog walker to dog trainer, and his impressive services quickly spread by word of mouth. Davis now has her own training center, Upstate Canine Academy, in Saratoga County, New York.

Today, Davis is famous enough to occasionally be recognized on the streets when he offers his free training services.

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“I’m sitting there, literally on my hands and knees, helping this guy with his dog, explaining different types of training styles,” Davis told PEOPLE of a funny incident. “And he freaks out because I know Patrick. And it was like that kind of moment where I was like, ‘Yeah, that’s why I’m here, but I’m also here to help you, so let’s work on that.’ ‘ It was pretty cool.”

dog trainer tom davis trains patrick mahomes dogs in texas in april 2022-- and with his wife brittany matthews credit: Abby Koskinos

dog trainer tom davis trains patrick mahomes dogs in texas in april 2022– and with his wife brittany matthews credit: Abby Koskinos

Abby Koskinos

Davis says his only mission is to help owners better understand their pets because he believes only good dogs exist in this world.

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“I feel like every moment I’m not helping dogs is a wasted moment because I have that knowledge,” said Davis, whose Youtube channel now has more than 530,000 subscribers, says. “I have this innate. I have this passion.”

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