Eamonn Holmes asks for the adoption of dogs by angels who save pets from the vile meat trade

Eamonn Holmes says he was overcome with emotions after learning about dogs rescued from the meat trade and urges the public to consider saving a life by adopting a pet.

TV presenter Eamonn, whose rescue dog Maggie came from Dogs Trust, has lent his support to a charity that takes in life-threatening dogs from Asian markets and kills shelters in Romania.

He told DogsLive: “I was honored to co-host an event this week for a charity that takes in dogs in some of the most horrific of circumstances. They rehabilitate them and find them loving forever homes far away. from all terror.

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“Like so many relief groups across the UK and Ireland, the work can be extremely taxing and really emotionally challenging, but of course very rewarding.

“K9-Angels founders Victoria Featherstone Pearce and Pola Pospieszalska might put on a very glamorous front and make it all so easy, but normally they work at the heart of dog rescue and it’s anything but glamorous, anything but easy .

“The 10th anniversary celebration of their charity this week was a really great affair with everyone beautifully dressed and very fabulous.

“But behind all the glitz, the work these ladies are doing, the work their charity is doing around the world is just the opposite and exposes a real dark side of humanity and how many dogs are treated so badly.

“Some, in fact a lot of their work, is just terrible; dirty and smelly, upsetting and downright scary because they save dogs from the brink of death, neglect and abandonment and being sold for food.

Eamonn Holmes supports dog rescue work by K9-Angels Victoria Featherstone Pearce and Pola Pospieszalska

“There must be a lot of tears and times when they question everything, but they keep going because they save the lives of dogs who live in misery or face the end in the most horrible way, in a pot. So anything I can do to help them is guaranteed.

GB News star Eamonn said her own rescue dog, Maggie, was an inspiration for many good things in her life and supporting animal rescue was one of the most important.

He explained: “I look at our Maggie and just can’t understand how anyone could see her as anything other than a wonderful companion – not something to abuse or neglect and certainly not food.

“I know the meat trade is an acceptable culture in many countries, but I urge anyone who can to help the ladies of K-9 Angels in their mission to rescue dogs from the meat trade and kill the shelters.

Maggie is at the heart of the family, pictured here with Ruth Langsford and Eamonn
Maggie is at the heart of the family, pictured here with Ruth Langsford and Eamonn

“It breaks my heart to know that there are dogs out there just waiting to be rescued. Maggie is 12 now and she is the heart of our home, everyone’s favourite. We’ve had from Dogs Trust and we’ve been discussing rescuing another dog but we can’t do that until Maggie decides she has to leave us as she’s the boss here and we’re afraid that bringing another dog in our house at his time of life might be too difficult.

“In the meantime, I am happy to support people who are doing all they can to save dogs from the most horrible fates.

“And this week my friends at K-9 Angels invited me to co-host their birthday party in London. This small charity has only been around for 10 years and has already housed over 1,200 dogs and sent hundreds of thousands of pounds of medical aid and food for animals in need, financed the construction of a high standard refuge and organized castration and sterilization campaigns.

“They worked tirelessly and passionately with no complaints and they helped open my eyes to the unthinkable situations that many dogs find themselves in.

Eamonn Holmes feels good with dog rescuers Victoria Featherstone Pearce and Pola Pospieszalska
Eamonn Holmes feels good with dog rescuers Victoria Featherstone Pearce and Pola Pospieszalska

“We discussed the horrible places charity workers have to physically and emotionally go to and the condition of the poor dogs they rescue. It’s heartbreaking but inspiring and I’m very proud to be associated with them.

“These ladies have followed their passion with an incredible amount of hard work and inner strength, seeing things that we will happily never see and they do everything for the dogs. The least I can do is support them.

“And while it’s really nice for people to add my support to their cause and feel special, the spotlight should really be on them and them only.

“I don’t know if I would have the strength to do what they do, it takes tremendous emotional resilience to deal with these horrors and knowing that there are people doing this work makes me so grateful.”

Eamonn said he hopes the public will increasingly turn to rescue and repatriation groups, adoption and fostering, and move away from buying puppies that could be raised on vile farms in puppies.

He said: “I can hardly put into words what I think of puppy breeders. Anything I can do, anything I can say, any action I can take to encourage people to stay away from puppy breeders, then I will.

“I know the pure joy of having a dog in our lives. We didn’t need to have Maggie as a little puppy to love her, we couldn’t love her any more than we already do. We didn’t have to spend a fortune to get a good dog, he’s the best dog we could have had and we donated to Dogs Trust when we got him and we continue to support them.

The moment Eamonn perked up after hip surgery, when his dog Maggie kissed him better
The moment Eamonn perked up after hip surgery, when his dog Maggie kissed him better

“Dogs are not a commodity to be traded like property, they are precious members of the family who live, breathe and love and should be treated as such.

“So I would say to anyone who is considering getting a dog, please stop and think. Also take a look at shelters, shelters and shelters.

“Your perfect dog might just be the dog that needs you more than you think. Maggie is our perfect dog and we can never replace her, but we can save her again someday. We have the perfect dog now and we’ll have another perfect dog some other day, hopefully long in the future.”

If you want to learn more about K9-Angels or donate to their work, click here and follow the link.

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