Dog trainer Yoakum urges public to research before buying

YOAKUM, Texas — Jeffery Molands trained dogs while serving in the military. Then one day he met the Belgian Malinois, a medium sized dog that was very active and full of energy. Currently, Molands and his family have five Belgian Malinois, some of whom they adopt while others are their permanent pets.

After a recent movie hit theaters, “Dog” starring Channing Tatum and a Belgian Malinois, Molands worries that people will see the movie and then go out and adopt their own Malinois without knowing the demands of this energetic dog, and “Dog ” is not the first film to have this race in it.

“John Wick 3, Halle Berry had a few Belgian malinois because his personal protection dogs and Belgian malinois became very popular. People came out and made them not realize how nervous they were. A group of them ended up in the streets and shelters, a group was euthanized,” explains Molands.

Molands isn’t against people getting malinois, he just hopes they do their research.

“Now with the movie Dog, we’re hoping people will do their research, make sure they’re ready for the investment, make sure they’re ready for a 10-15 year commitment. These dogs are your family,” says Moland.

Molands with his dog Lance.

Malinois have a history of serving their human companions, as service dogs, detection dogs, guard dogs, search and rescue dogs, the list goes on. The Molands family actually had a foster family who later served another veteran with great success.

“She is now a service dog or is going to school to be a service dog for a retired veteran and his disabled daughter. Yeah, she’s amazing, he sends us pictures and videos of what she does with her daughter all the time,” says Ashley Hamman.

Molands also urges the public to avoid buying from unverified sellers, or what he calls backyard breeders, adding that he has seen listings for Malinois on Facebook Marketplace before, a possible effect of the feature of the dog in the recent new movie.

Moland’s biggest advice to anyone considering adopting a Malinois, do some research and consider fostering, it’s a great first step that can lead to adoption.

“Adopt, adopt, consider all of this, because there are so many people who need good homes,” Molands says.

For more information on promotion, adoption or donation, click on here. Molands says the donations are greatly appreciated and help the dogs in a variety of ways. Molands tells anyone who wants to know more about the Belgian Malinios to contact him on Facebook at Jeffery Molands.

You can also visit the American Belgian Malinois rescue.


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