Dog trainer uses canine skills taking the lead

Good boy. Or girl for that matter; it’s a fairly common phrase heard by dog ​​lovers, although the phrases can also get a bit more colorful when the boy isn’t so good.

Enter Micayla Brenssell, a rural girl from North Otago, who started Good Boy Dog Training to help people connect with and train their new puppies or dogs.

Ms Brensell (25) has her own dog pedigree; his grandfather Ali Brenssell is a well-known working dog breeder while his farming parents Wayne and Carmen have always had dogs.

The arrival of her son Freddy Jopson last year meant she was trying to avoid returning to full-time work and looking for something she could do without traveling too much.

Her mother suggested she should train people’s “little dogs” and after thinking about it, she realized there was a gap in the market for something like this in the area.

She could do individual or group sessions if people preferred. Half of the training was usually the owner – some people got a new puppy and didn’t really know what to do.

“So many dogs do what they want because they’re not trained. I feel sorry for them.

“It’s not the dog’s fault. The owner just doesn’t know what to do,” she said.

It was simple obedience, and a small dog should be treated the same as a big dog. She hoped to help clients so they could progress to doing it themselves and keep their canine loads under control.

From an early age, his job has always been to help educate the puppies at his parents and grandfather’s house, playing with them to socialize them and teaching them to lead.

She got her first dog when she left school and put together a team of working dogs, picking up those that people couldn’t get on or bring to work.

Working with dogs was something that had always come naturally to her and she was also grateful for the help of her father and grandfather.

While launching Good Boy was a bit out of her comfort zone, she was excited about it, saying it could eventually turn into a full-time venture.

“The options are endless. I’m pretty open to anything,” she said.

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