Dog trainer joins the Kennel Club – Fieldsports Channel

The Kennel Club has a network of trainers that it accredits. He promotes dog training using only kind, motivating methods and positive reinforcement.

Kennel Club Field Trials Secretary Kate Broers said her organization does not recommend hitting a dog. She says positive reinforcement works much better. She said, “The dog doesn’t understand. You must be so quick with your correction. If he’s done something wrong on the pitch, by the time he comes back to you and you slam him afterwards, it’s completely pointless. This causes the dog to have a negative experience.

The KC says it’s adapting its ideas because dogs are raised differently than they were 30 years ago, and hunting dogs don’t need to be treated any differently than companion dogs. Kate says: “These dogs are seen more as a tool than a pet. And back in the day, dog trainers were breaking dogs, but these methods used aren’t used [now] in the world of shooting.

She says working dogs no longer need to be force trained because they are no longer the tough dogs of the past.

Kate says the dogs are bred specifically for bidability, for temperament, as well as for their working ability. She says, “So there’s no longer a need to train them in those forceful, harsh methods of the past, positive training works just as well.”

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