Dog Trainer Feels Helpless Over Seemingly Cute Puppy Who Suddenly Turns Mean

Nicole Hammer, 57, from Anglesey, North Wales, has made a desperate plea for help after her Jack Russell attacked several dogs in recent weeks.

Nicole has been warned that she will be reported to the police if she does not overpower Noushka

A dog trainer has asked for help with his ‘untrainable’ pup who appears to have a split personality, going from feeling like ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ to suddenly becoming ‘nasty’.

Nicole Hammer, 57, was forced to admit defeat with her four-year-old Jack Russell, Noushka and is now looking for someone who can help her take part-time to calm her fiery nature.

The canine behaviorist who lives in Anglesey, North Wales, claimed the adorable pup is smart, learns tricks quickly, sleeps 12 hours each night and doesn’t even complain when dressed.

But despite displaying her charm for people, Nicole says Noushka goes to the “dark side” at the pure sound of another dog and then attacked several pets in her village.

Talk to North Wales Live, Nicole said: “Everyone says, ‘ah, she’s so sweet, so cute, she’s adorable.’

Nicole doesn’t know how to teach Noushka to leave other dogs alone



“She charms just about everyone. She’s really great with people.

“But when another dog growls, she gets angry. She always has.

“It’s terrier DNA. She has a dark side, a mean side.

Nicole, from Germany, bought Noushka through a Facebook ad from free-range breeders and immediately started training her.

But the rough-coated Jack Russell first developed a fondness for hunting sheep, and Nicole had to enlist the help of a farmer to teach her pup to ignore cattle.

The Jack Russell Terrier breed was historically used by farmers to control pests on their land – now Nicole hopes a farmer in need of pest control can train Noushka



Then, Noushka became obsessed with poodles, which became prime targets for the then 18-month-old pup.

In recent weeks, Noushka has attacked the neighbor’s dog, Buster, and an elderly dog ​​who came to visit some of Nicole’s neighbors.

The mischievous Jack Russell had rushed into the neighbours’ garden, jumped into the friends’ car and clung to the older dog.

Although Nicole insists she never draws blood, it took several minutes before she was able to snatch Nouskha from the other animal.

“She clings to dogs with her mouth but she doesn’t draw blood,” Nicole said.

“People think she bites their dogs but it’s just growls and saliva.

“As a canine behaviorist, this is embarrassing,” she said.

“I’ve had great success with other dogs but not this one.

Noushka may seem sweet and innocent but goes on a bad streak when encountered by other dogs



“In Germany, other trainers say not to worry, they all have a burrow in the basement. This means they all know you will one day have an untrainable terrier.

Keeping Noushka on a leash and constantly muzzled is not recommended for his energetic breed, says Nicole.

Instead, he was advised to put out a call on Facebook to see if any local farmers needed a good rat dog, who might be able to channel his temper for a good cause.

Nicole said: “I can’t walk around the village and tell people I’m giving it away – they’ll think I’m terrible, that I’m cruel.

“But that may have to be my last option.

“Most of the time she’s adorable – she even likes our postman!

“But I have to be honest with people, she has two sides to her personality with that terrier aggressiveness.”

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