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PUNE: Bharati Vidyapeeth Police are investigating a case against a dog trainer from Ambegaon Pathar, after he was accused of subjecting a pet dog to merciless beatings which resulted in his death.
The unfortunate incident allegedly took place on August 25, according to the complaint filed against the accused.
On Saturday August 27, the owner of the 28-year-old dog, also from the Ambegaon Pathar region, filed a complaint with the police.
According to him, two days earlier, his dog had removed his leash from the hands of the trainer. The latter had grabbed the leash and started pulling and beating the dog angrily. In this process, the collar belt around the dog’s neck had tightened until the animal could no longer breathe. The trainer neglected to correct this and the dog died of strangulation, according to the complaint.
Police said the dog’s owner wanted the European-bred dog trained. To that end, he had paid a fee and turned over the dog to the trainer in good faith.
“The incident happened around 6:55 p.m. on Thursday last week. The dog managed to escape the trainer and ran towards the doors of the training center. The trainer ran behind the dog and grabbed the leash. In a fit of rage, “The trainer first beat the dog, then pulled him cruelly with the leash. In the process, the strap around the dog’s neck was extremely tightened and the dog died of strangulation,” a police officer said.


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