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Given the crime situation in this country, citizens opted for protection from dogs, but did not consider the responsibilities that come with it.

So said Mark Chin Aleong, a certified dog trainer and breeder who has lobbied for dog control enforcement.

He said it was regrettable that 11-year-old Rachel Bhagwandeen lost her life.

Rachel was at a relative’s house, watching television with another relative, when an American Bully, owned by her cousin, entered.

She pushed her brother, saving him from being bitten, and told him to run, as she went into the bedroom. The dog followed her and mauled her to death in the room. His mother and uncle tried to take the dog away from him, without success.

The Express understands that the police consulted a veterinarian, who deemed the dog to be class A. The dog, whose name is Buddy, was recovered yesterday and the police will approach the court to have him put down.

Police took statements from relatives yesterday as investigations continued into the case.

A relative said mother Seema Bhagwandeen had been “in and out” since the incident. Social workers are said to have visited the family and they are expected to receive counselling. The father, a pastor, hopes to conduct his funeral.

No law enforcement

Chin Aleong said while the child’s mother said she had no malice or ill will towards the dog’s owner and asked that negative comments from members of the public be kept at bay, “the fact is whether it’s family or not, there’s a law in place that says what you need to have a class A dog.”

The dog was described by relatives as an American Bulldog mix, but the owner confirmed him to police as an American Bully. By law, it is a Class A dog.

According to the Dog Control Act, a person who owns a Class A dog must register and obtain a license from the local authority. Local authority means the council of a municipal corporation or the Tobago House of Assembly.

The dog must also be trained, microchipped and properly secured with a fence or wall of the prescribed size indicated, to prevent the dog’s escape.

Chin Aleong, a certified dog trainer and breeder who has cared for dogs since the age of nine, is the owner of Complete Canine Search Security and Recovery Unit.

He said: ‘Since the law was passed, there is no structure in place to enforce this law, and that is why people like me are asking for these things to be put in place because it will not be not the latest incident.

“I wish it would be several years before another incident, but because of the crime situation in the country, everyone wants a guard dog and not looking at the consequences of having a big dog. responsibilities, dog care, dog safety in the ring, dog training.

He added: “Irresponsible breeding and greed for money has caused a lot of bad breeding, bad ethics, dogs that are not suitable for everyone and especially not for this environment, and that is where lies the problem.

“The sacrifice of an 11-year-old girl who is now starting her life, she was the victim of another irresponsible owner. I don’t care if it was her brother, her family, her uncle, her father, whatever. You were irresponsible.

He said the dog could have continued to bite other people present and “they would have had more than one death, and who would have (been) held responsible?

“Are we really serious in this country to enforce a law that has been passed and put in place?

Chin Aleong said any dog ​​can be aggressive at any time, from a pompek to many other dogs. “It all depends on how you raise the dog, the environment, the social aspect of the dog. Have you taken the time to socialize the dog and make him calm and confident around people, noises, the environment? So don’t just blame the breed. You have to blame the owner,” he said.

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