Dinstails event raises awareness for dog adoption

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) – People went to Tom Dinsdale Automotive this afternoon – and it wasn’t necessarily to buy or look at cars.

The dealer hosted the inaugural “Dinstails” event alongside the Central Nebraska Humane Society to help shed light on dog adoption and raise funds for the shelter. It was also to get dog lovers and their furry friends enjoying treats and taking pictures with “Santa Paws.”

Miquelle Levander of the Humane Society said Tom Dinsdale Automotive pitched the idea to them.

“They came up with this, said we were going to have ‘Hit the Spot’ here from Grand Island – a food truck, and just told us to show up with dogs and make it happen and we did it and it was amazing,” Levander said. “Good rendering, I think too.”

Levander said he asked several people from Dinstails to visit the animals at their shelter. In addition to sending people to the Humane Society, they also brought some of their own who were available for adoption.

“We have adoptable pets here, like Mr. Sleepy Benson here and a few others to meet, and obviously we can at least get to the shelter and meet the others,” she said.

The event also raised hundreds of dollars for the animal shelter.

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