Cunha Sixth Grade Students Encourage Dog Adoption | Community

Yulanda Au’s sixth grade class settled in as the teacher released a video detailing the important differences between adopting from an animal shelter and adopting from a pet store.

According to the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, more than 6 million pets enter animal shelters nationwide each year. Of these, about 3 million are dogs.

These students are taking action by creating posters to raise awareness about adopting shelter dogs. The children were each assigned one of 19 dogs for adoption at Berkeley Animal Care Services and were asked to write a blurb from the dog’s perspective and draw a picture of the puppy based on photos provided by the shelter.

“It’s fun, but also helpful because there are a lot of dogs like the one I do who are energetic and playful and want to go outside but can’t,” Noelle Redmon said. “I feel bad for them because they’re cramped in a small space and they don’t have a home.”

While the main objective of the project is to raise awareness among dogs in shelters and to create something for

clinging to the cages of prospective adopters, Au also wanted to create a way for students to apply what they had learned in her reading and language arts class.

“They were really excited because they really care.

about animals and for them to be able to use what they learn in class, outside of class, it really makes me

happy,” she said. “I also like to give them space to be creative and use their voice for these animals and hopefully raise awareness for adoption.

“I think it shows what kids can do with the power of their voice and what they learn in school,” Au said.

Kaia Gilbert analyzed a photo of the black and white mastiff Zazah while working on her project. She wrote that Zazah is sweet and energetic and, although shy at first, quickly warms up to people.

“We’re supposed to (write) as if the dog is speaking through us,” Gilbert said. “It’s just trying to focus on how she might feel about being in the shelter and wanting to be adopted.”

As an animal lover and cat owner, Gilbert said this was important to her.

“I’m really upset that some dogs don’t have homes and I think they should be given a chance to feel loved…” she said. “This whole project is really important because dogs are an integral part of a lot of people’s lives. As they say, a dog is man’s best friend. They should be embraced and appreciated, not belittled and abused.

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