Couple hire dog trainer to teach their pets to be bridesmaids on wedding day

Alexandria May, 32, and husband Jimmy, 36, of Houston, Texas, say hiring a dog trainer six months before their wedding was the ‘best decision’ they ever made, after that their fur family led them down the aisle

Alexandria and Jimmy met while walking their dogs in the park

A dog-loving couple were determined to have their five puppies at their wedding. So they hired a specialist trainer to make that happen.

Alexandria May, 32, met her husband Jimmy, 36, in a park nearly six years ago when they were both walking their dog.

The Houston, Texas couple made the decision to hire a dog training service six months before their special day to make sure everything went smoothly.

Alexandria said: “It was important for us to include them in the day because they played such a big part in what brought us together.”

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The dog trainer taught them how to behave during the ceremony


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They had matching outfits with the bridesmaids and groomsmen


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The dog trainer came to their home three times a week to “work the dogs on how to walk better, not get super distracted by everyone else and have good overall behavior”.

On the big day, three dog handlers walked the dogs around the property and spent their energy as the wedding got ready.

Alexandria said: “It was a big prize but we just considered it part of our wedding budget, they are our family and worth the expense.”

Despite the added cost of outfits, training service and dog handlers, the couple couldn’t have imagined the day without them – and neither could their families.

It was important for Alexandria and Jimmy to include them in the celebrations


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Alexandria said, “All of our loved ones knew we still wanted them in our marriage, so they were looking forward to how we would incorporate them in our time.”

Reflecting on how they first met, Alexandria explained: “My sister had met my husband first and at the time my dog ​​Teddy was always barking at men but he didn’t seem to care. Jimmy.”

His sister played Cupid and encouraged the two to meet and exchange numbers.

At the time, Alexandria had a nine-year-old Corgi mix, Teddy and Jimmy had an 11-year-old Nola terrier and a pit bull Lily, but sadly she passed away.

Since then, the couple have expanded their fur family.

Alexandria said: “We were given Ruby, a cocker spaniel now two years old and we rescued Ranger, a Dutch shepherd mix, now three years old, from the streets.

They helped walk the bride down the aisle


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“Mr. Bingley is a six-year-old chihuahua pit bull mix and he’s actually my sister’s dog, but he’s also an integral part of our lives, so we wanted him there, just like we included all of our human nieces and nephews.”

They gave Teddy, Nola, Mr Bingley, Ranger and Ruby starring roles on their special day, with each dog matching the bridesmaids and groomsmen with bespoke outfits.

Alexandria explained, “Our daughter Nola wasn’t a big fan of wearing her dress at first, but Ruby loved it. As soon as we put the outfit on her, she was ready for her photoshoot.”

Girls’ dresses cost £25 and £27, and boys had tuxedos ranging from £39 to £134.

For all engaged people who are considering having their pets at the wedding, Alexandria shares her top tips.

She said: “Have a plan for someone to watch the dogs that aren’t part of the wedding party because you’ll want them to enjoy the day and be part of all the fun things.

“The best decision we made was to get a service to help us take care of dogs that are trained to take care of dogs so we never have to worry.

“Also remember to enjoy the day with your puppies and accept that something could go wrong, but that’s okay.

“They are our family and we couldn’t imagine getting married without them with us.”

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