Charlie’s house! The RivCo family shares the heartbreaking story of adopting a dog

RIVERSIDE COUNTY, CA – A severely dehydrated, malnourished and abandoned Boxer-mix known as Charlie has a new home and a new lease of life after being rescued in Riverside.

Found and ultimately rescued by the Paasch family of Riverside, after ten days they were finally able to call it their own.

“The poor pooch was in bad shape,” said John Welsh, spokesman for the Riverside County Animal Services Center.

Kristi Paasch was walking near her Riverside Greenbelt home and the family took in the severely dehydrated and malnourished dog. They called him “Charlie”, according to Welsh he was “a hot mess”.

“I came next to him lying on the street next to an overturned city trash can,” she said in a Youtube video shared by the center. “He wasn’t scared or aggressive.” Paasch describes in the video returning home to get some dog food and water in an effort to show the dog that they weren’t a threat to him. In the end, it didn’t matter.

Charlie came with them of his own free will. As they attempted to clean him up, the depth of his condition hit home.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” she said. He was covered in fleas and ticks and needed urgent veterinary care. They learned that the large abscess on his hind leg would require surgery and medication. More importantly, since he was microchipped, they would have to take him to the county to see if the owners could be traced.

“Although it pained them to abandon Charlie at the shelter, they never stopped thinking about saving him,” Welsh said.

Paasch said she called the shelter every day for ten days, asking after that the dog she knew in her heart was hers.

Charlie, waiting for his family to pick him up. (Photo by Riverside County Animal Services.)

“We called every day, hoping they found the owner and there was a reasonable explanation for the dog’s appalling condition, but no one showed up,” she said.

They came to claim Charlie as their own once the waiting period was over.

Charlie is home now, enjoying his surroundings and his family. But a photo taken by a neighbor’s security camera caused Paasch to stop. The photo shows Charlie lying in front of their property before reuniting. What a difference a few days make.

Charlie resting in front of his new home. (Picture: Kristi Paasch).

Whatever his life was before, he now has a loving home and family.

Paasch sees this photo as a sign that Charlie was meant to be theirs, saying, “I think he might have chosen us.”

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