Bake Off’s Candice Brown backs dog adoption campaign after rescue dog ‘changed her life’

Candice Brown, winner of the Great British Bake Off, says her rescue dog Sybil “brings her more joy than she could have imagined” and advises anyone considering getting a pet “to adopt and not to shop”

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Candice Brown explains why she decided to adopt a dog

It’s National Dog Adoption Day today and Great British Bake Off winner Candice Brown wants people to know how ‘simple and rewarding’ the process is.

Candice adopted her dog Sybil and says the pooch has brought more happiness into her life than she “could ever have imagined”.

While research from Pedigrees and Whiskas reveals nearly half of Britons are concerned about adopting pets, Candice said: According to the research, more than a fifth of adults admitted they don’t would not consider bringing a pet into an animal shelter, while four in 10 would only adopt a young cat or dog.

“I adopted my dog ​​Sybil, and she has brought more joy into my life than I could have ever imagined. The adoption process was simple and straightforward and it has improved my life for the better.

Candice Brown says her adopted dog Sybil brought her so much joy

“There are thousands of dogs who need loving forever homes but are being held back in shelters because potential owners are concerned about cost, time constraints and other things.”

Candice points out that any pet is a big commitment, whether adopted or purchased from a breeder.

However, she advises anyone looking for a new pet that “adopting from a shelter is the most rewarding way to go about it,” before adding, “Adopt, don’t buy.”

Candice Brown tells people who want a new dog to “adopt, not shop”

Dr Tammie King, Technical Lead of Applied Behavior at Mars Petcare, said: “It’s heartbreaking to think of the thousands of dogs and cats sitting in shelters just waiting for their forever homes, simply because these ideas Misconceptions about shelter animals persist.

“Pets are given up for adoption for all sorts of reasons, so the idea that all animals in shelters have behavioral or health issues is incorrect.”

Candice said adopting a dog is easier than people think

Dr. Tammie advised anyone considering adopting a pet to consider how much free time they have, who they live with, their financial situation and whether they have access to outdoor space.

For more information on pet adoption and to find the nearest shelter visit:

While the current Bake Off series is in full swing, fans will recall that Candice won the show, which was then on the Beeb, in 2016.

Candice won Bake Off in 2016

But it wasn’t just her cooking that made her stand out on the show — her lipstick game was equally impressive, and she wowed fans with a different shade every week.

The Londoner now has 262,000 followers on Instagram.

Since rising to tent stardom, Candice has published cookbooks, appeared at food festivals and held various presenting positions.

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