Avon dog trainer gets PZC approval despite concerns

AVON, CT – A resident of Old Farms Road earlier this month received conditional, trial approval for a kennel/dog training operation in a residential area by members of the City Zoning Board. town.

On September 13, Avon’s Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously approved special exemptions and site plans for Melissa Traub, a dog trainer living at 90 Old Farms Road, who applied for the necessary approval to legally carry on business there.

Although granted, his demands did not come unopposed, as a public hearing ahead of the PZC vote raised concerns among some neighborhood residents.

Traub told the PZC that she owned a dog training business and that her home-based business would care for no more than three dogs at a time, dogs that would be joined by her three canine pets on site.

She said her operation would be a board and train program, where clients’ dogs would stay in her home for a few weeks at a time.

According to Traub, no dog is left alone outside and if he is outside, she is with him.

She said the workouts were 30 minutes each and her garage was properly insulated and monitored to accommodate dogs inside in inclement weather.

According to Traub, the dogs would stay in crates at the site and they need to be trained, meaning used to sleeping and spending time in crates and not barking.

“It’s a very structured environment,” she told the PZC, according to the minutes of the meeting.

But neighbor Dave Bauer of Old Farms Road spoke out against the proposal at the September 13 PZC meeting.

He said he was concerned about the presence of such a company in the residential area.

Due to the zoning of the neighborhood, Traub needed a special exemption to legally operate in the residential neighborhood.

Bauer also pointed out that Traub had already started operating her business before the PZC vote, which Traub attributed to the fact that she did not know such approvals were necessary.

Once she learned of the required city approvals, Traub said she stopped operating her small home dog training business.

John Kodis, another Old Farms Road neighbor, said he was concerned about potential barking, saying houses in that neighborhood were close together.

According to Kodis, this site is not “the best choice for this company”.

Traub told the PZC that she also received four letters of support from area residents endorsing the home use of her business.

Avon’s PZC approval is subject to several conditions, including:

• Approval is only granted for a trial period of one year until September 23, 2023, after which Traub must reapply to the city for permanent approval.

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