A Dog Trainer Controls a Big, Unruly Dog: Let’s See How

I was going to sew this on tiktok to give this guy a lot of credit. But, that wasn’t allowed, so I’ll just write down what it does correctly and what it doesn’t.

Before I start, just a quick reminder, I’ve been a dog trainer my entire career in the Marine Corps. My last job in the Marine Corps was as Chief Marine Instructor at the Military Working Dog School. Anyway, those are my references. Take it or not, but it was fun watching this trainer.

Alright, the first thing I want you to pay attention to is how he works the leash. He stops when he wants the dog to sit. Dogs have something called an “opposing reflex”. They naturally want to do the opposite of force. If you want them back? Pull forward. Want them to sit down? Go back up. This trainer keeps a little too much tension throughout, but it’s nitpicking. He’s a good coach.

My only real criticism comes when he tries to pull the dog’s paws off him and off the leash. It was just a little sloppy. Ideally, you throw the legs to the side and glide over the dog like Cris Collinsworth to assert your dominance while pulling to get the dog to sit. You associate all of these movements with the “sit” command. This teaches the dog to sit and reinforces that you are the dominant in the relationship that this dog clearly needs.

If you want to learn more about how to manipulate your dog’s natural instincts to train him better, this video is a good start.

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