Woman believes dog trainer lied about her dog’s horrific death

Lindsay Christ brought her dog Ludo home amid the pandemic after suffering a heartbreaking miscarriage. She said they saved each other by instantly becoming best friends. Ludo never wanted to leave her, but that ended up causing trouble later. The pup became protective of his human and was especially wary of men. He bit her fiancé and her father, so she considered rehoming him.

But then Christ’s sister recommended a dog trainer who specialized in aggression and behavioral issues. It seemed like her only option, so she was willing to do whatever it took to correct Ludo’s behavior.


Ludo’s Last Resort

Christ brought Ludo to the White Heart K9 Boarding and Training Center in Florence, Arizona which is run by Terry White. It has many good reviews, but Christ quickly sensed that there were personality clashes between her and White. Still, she went after him because she wanted to help Ludo in any way she could.

After Christ dropped off Ludo and paid the $2,000 fee, communication with White became uneven. White sent her a picture of Ludo, but when she asked to schedule a shoot with him, Christ said he couldn’t because he had to self-quarantine. He claimed that he always took care of the dogs. However, when Ludo reached out again a few days later, she received horrible news.

Ludo and his human

“I got hysterical,” Christ said. “He says, ‘I’m really sorry to tell you, but Ludo passed away last night at 7 o’clock, because of the heat. “”

When Christ’s fiancé asked about Ludo’s remains, White said Ludo’s body had begun to decompose. So he burned the body at his relative’s house. He never gave Christ the dog’s ashes or even his collar. It’s also unclear if Christ got a refund.

Ludo plays outside

What really happened?

Christ says she doesn’t think White is being honest with her. He said he wasn’t texting her anymore because he didn’t like her tone. Christ later discovered that another dog had disappeared from the facility earlier that month.

Animal control visited White’s business but did not cite him. They believe that Ludo spilled his water and later died from the heat. When a reporter visited White, the trainer initially refused to explain. Then he insisted it was an accident and he wasn’t returning the remains because he didn’t know why Christ would need them.

sleeping white shepherd

“That’s all I have to go, no photos received of the condition Ludo was in. No vet death certificate, no notification until I contacted him, no options to do with Ludo’s remains – I have no lock of hair, footprint, nothing,” Christ wrote on Facebook. “Most worrying is I AM NOT ALONE – ANOTHER DOG WAS MISSING ALSO IN MI -AUGUST. HOW MANY OTHERS ARE THERE? »

Christ won’t give up until she has more answers and proof. She hopes that Ludo is still alive somewhere, so she created a facebook page to share updates. Animal advocates also remind dog parents that there aren’t many regulations for dog trainers in Arizona, so it’s important to be careful when choosing one for your dog.

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