Viral Dog Trainer Shows Us We’ve Been Poorly Keeping Our Tracks All This Time

Southend Dog Training canine expert Adam Spivey said people risk injury by holding their heads in a certain way

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Southend Dog Training on how to hold a dog leash correctly

A professional dog trainer says owners have been holding their pets’ leashes incorrectly for years – and it could be dangerous.

Many of us will run our hand through the loop of the leash and grab the length, sometimes even wrapping it around our wrists multiple times in an attempt to stop our excitable dog from pulling.

However, your pup may still pull, which can cause wrist injuries and friction burns.

Post to ICT TacCanine expert at Southend Dog Training, Adam Spivey, has shown dog lovers the correct way to grab the leash, making it safer for you and your dog.

In a demonstration, Adam wrapped the leash around his thumb, making sure it was snug against his hand.


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He said, “If it’s loose and the dog pulls, it’s going to break your thumb, and if you don’t clench your fist, it’s going to break your thumb.” You put it around your thumb, then close your fist – so it doesn’t go anywhere.

The sensible trainer enlisted the help of a dog owner, tying a collar and leash around his neck and asking him to pull as hard as he could in the opposite direction.

The man was unable to move Adam from his braced position while holding the leash the right way, suggesting it’s much safer to hold without causing injury, than reeling it multiple times around your wrists.

This method also works for dogs on a leash. Adam said, “If your dog runs in a long line or rushes, turn away from the dog and brace for impact, and you’ll be fine.”

TikTok users have tried the new method with their dogs. One said: “Thought it works a treat, I’ve been using it for a few months now!”

Another added: “This is an absolute game changer my dog ​​is actually controlled by me now.”

A third said: ‘It seems incredibly safer, can’t believe I never knew this before!’

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