Dog Matters Training and Behavior Consultation

Dog Matters offers a full range of one on one and group training and behavior consultation. All programs and services are based on positive based training grounded in behavioral theory and science. What makes us different is that we meet with you prior to you and your dog starting any training. We find out more about what your dog is like, the home environment and what you would like to see as an outcome for you and your dog. At this time we will work with you to determine the best way to move forward group classes, one on one training or specific behavioral training.

This initial meeting gets everyone off to a great start. It will allow us to customize our sessions, to be more focused and allow us to effectively support the training and behavior changes that have been identified.


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Behavioural Consulting


Program times and duration will be determined based on our clients' needs - evening and weekend sessions are an option . All of our programs include front end information related to canine behavior and communication, training tips and practices, and handout materials to make practicing at home easier to do. We will work with you - train you - to train your dog.

When group programs are not an option, one on one training support may be the answer. We will work with you, on your schedule, to build the same or similar skills as addressed in our programs.

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