SD dog trainer rescues 35 German Shepherds from Ukraine

35 German Shepherds are safe in Ukraine and have arrived safely in San Diego County.

SHELTER VALLEY, Calif. – Digging deep into the dirt to drive posts and build 35 kennels near Shelter Valley, Calif. and 30 miles east of Julian.

Dog trainer Chris Jimenez, owner and founder of K9 connectionand his friends are trying to quickly build kennels for puppies eager to get out of their carriers.

“Right now we’re 8′ x 8′ x 8′ tall, so they have room to stretch their legs and stuff,” Jimenez said.

CBS 8 showed you last month, Jimenez in Ukraine since late February, work to get these police and military trained K-9ss out of the war-torn zone.

“We were trying to figure out how long we could survive there, and it took about two weeks of food to feed all those dogs, so we decided to go for it,” Jimenez said.

With help from his social media followers, Jimenez raised the $53,000 to pay for a charter plane to fly all the dogs to California.

“The warzone aspect wasn’t the hard part. It was the logistics of traveling with 35 German Shepherds,” Jimenez said.

Landing at LAX last night, the dogs are ready to break free but need a little TLC.

“Right now the dogs have to go through extensive rehab, they were pushed in a car for hours, then pushed on a plane, and they were in bad shape when I arrived,” Jimenez said.

These German shepherds aged 6 months to 7 years are trained in the detection of explosives and narcotics and the search for missing persons.

Now to find them each a home, Jimenez says that has to be the right solution and most likely they will go to the police department or a government agency.

“It’s a long process because these dogs are so special they just can’t be adopted,” Jimenez said.

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