Professional dog trainer warns owners they’ve been keeping wrong leads for years

A dog trainer believes that we have been holding our pet’s leashes badly for years.

Professional dog trainer Adam Spivey took to TikTok with the viral tip.

He said that by adopting a new technique, it would ensure the safety of pets, according to birmingham live.

Sharing the right way, he proved us wrong for a while.

TeamDogs Reports Adam said to loop the leash over your thumb, making sure it stays tight against your hand.

He said, “If it’s loose and the dog pulls, it’s going to break your thumb, and if you don’t clench your fist, it’s going to break your thumb.” You put it around your thumb, then close your fist – so it doesn’t go anywhere.

Adam said, “If your dog runs in a long line or rushes, turn away from the dog and brace for impact, and you’ll be fine.”

On Tik Tok, people flocked to have their say, with pet owners, dog lovers and dog fans stunned by his revelation.

Adam was praised for sharing the tip, which some called a “game changer”.

Others claimed he felt “incredibly safer”.

Others felt they “couldn’t believe” they had never learned the right method before.

And other dog owners have shared how they adopted the method – and said it worked much better than their previous technique.

All’s well That ends well.

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