Placer Sheriff Detectives Arrest Auburn CA Dog Trainer

Placer County detectives arrested the owner of a dog boarding and training center in Auburn, where dogs have been neglected or abused since at least November, sheriff’s officials said.

Current Auburn K9 owner Antoine Deshaun Moore was arrested April 30 on suspicion of committing a robbery under false pretences, the Placer County Sheriff’s Office announced Wednesday on social media. Sheriff officials said Moore was released on bail May 3 and is expected to face the felony charge June 27 in Placer Superior Court.

The Sheriff’s Office has been investigating Auburn K9 for a month, with several victims reporting that their dogs were neglected and abused instead of receiving training. Sheriff’s detectives believe there may be other victims.

Maureen Kelly said she found Auburn K9 through a Google search for a kennel and dog training services in her area. She signed up her dogs, Quinn and Luna, for a training class.

“I went online and Auburn K9 came across as this golden ticket,” she said. “There were professional photos, five star reviews. I thought ‘wow, this is the place.’ I was just blown away.

Kelly said she became suspicious when she went to pick up her dogs, and they were at Moore’s home in Nevada County and not the facility that was advertised online.

“There were so many neglected dogs in crates outside, and that was the week it snowed,” she said.

Her dogs, whom she affectionately called “the girls,” appeared malnourished and panicked, she said. They looked scared and jumped and behaved out of character.

“They were horribly mistreated,” Kelly said.

Kelly reported Moore and Auburn K9 to Nevada County Animal Control and later the Placer County Sheriff’s Office.

Auburn K9 marketed itself as a boarding house and dog training center, offering obedience training and other types of services. Sheriff officials said detectives learned his co-owners were not licensed or authorized to run the business.

The Auburn K9 dogs were placed in an unventilated Nevada County garage in crates that also served as areas where the dogs defecated and urinated.

Sheriff’s officials said detectives also learned Nevada County animal control officers had visited Moore’s property at least 10 times since December, when most of Moore’s dogs were seized. “invoking deplorable living conditions”.

Investigators have asked anyone who has a dog or knows someone with a dog who was allegedly neglected or abused at the Auburn K9 facility to call the sheriff’s office to file a report at 530-886-5375.

This story was originally published May 18, 2022 5:09 p.m.

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