Pet of the week Rocky dog ​​adoption Taunton Animal Shelter lab boxer

The pet of the week is Rocky, a Lab/Boxer male, about 5 years old.

Rocky is a handsome guy with lots of energy to spare! It would be best suited for an active person who will include it in many activities, walks, workouts and playtime.

He needs someone who knows dogs well and has training experience.

Rocky loves the kiddie pool and hose water in the warm weather and also loves the snow in the winter.

He is a “dog for all seasons”. As long as he has his warm coat in winter, he likes the snow, but not the cold. He likes to go out and take walks and hikes, then relax by your side to enjoy some quiet time.

The Taunton Animal Shelter does not recommend young children as Rocky would be too active for them and can become overly enthusiastic when running and playing. He also has a tendency to sometimes pull/grab the leash. He’ll need someone who can work on that.

Rocky will learn quickly with patience, love and understanding. He needs someone who is firm, but loving. He’s a smart boy and he just needs someone to steer him in the right direction sometimes.

Using a martingale collar and an easy-to-walk harness makes walking much easier and much more enjoyable for both of you.

An apartment would not be suitable; Rocky is looking for a house with a fenced yard where he can run and play! Rocky would prefer a home without a cat and would be happiest as the only dog ​​in the house.

Call the Taunton Animal Shelter at 508-822-1463, email or visit

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