Dorchester Paws waives dog adoption and recoups costs

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) — In preparation for July 4, an animal shelter in Summerville is waiving salvage fees and dog adoption fees.

Dorchester Paws says the holidays have been known to increase shelter admissions as pets escape their homes.

Dog adoption fees will be waived until Sunday and recovery fees will be waived Sunday through Friday. All lost pets are listed here.

The shelter says they urgently need foster families and adopters to help them during this time.

“Despite the reduction in adoption fees and the implementation of a temporary moratorium on admissions since June 15, the shelter had to refuse animals because there was no kennel space available for them” , the shelter wrote in a press release. “When a kennel opens, it is later filled with another animal that was brought in by Dorchester County Neighborhood Services the same day.”

Since the start of this moratorium two weeks ago, they have taken in 169 animals, according to spokeswoman Danielle Zuck.

“There are not enough kennels open for the expected number of animals that will be brought to Dorchester Paws over the next few days,” the shelter wrote. “Arriving animals will be held on their stray or microchipped carriers taking kennels for the next 5-14 days before they can be adopted.”

If you are interested in hosting an adult dog, the shelter is open daily from noon to 5 p.m.

Placement applications must be completed in advance at

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