Dog trainer shuts down Black Creek business after video alleging abuse

BLACK CREEK, Wis. (WBAY) – A dog trainer in Black Creek has shut down his business after a disturbing video alleging abuse emerged.

It circulated on social media and on Tuesday the Outagamie County Sheriff’s Office confirmed there was an active investigation into the incident.

The video shows In Touch Dog Training owner Allen Burnsworth with a puppy named Odie, who appears to cower and terrified when given commands.

“The first reaction is obviously extreme anger,” said Luke Janssen, Odie’s owner.

As Action 2 News decided not to show much of the video, Janssen described the incident.

“I don’t know if he snapped or what, but Allen takes Odie by the leash and basically hangs him up for a while and also from that position slams him to the ground for sure once, maybe several times,” he noted.

The incident happened in November.

The video was recorded on a security camera by a former employee, who tells us she quit over what she saw.

“If anyone saw something like this happen to my dog, I would like to know,” said Shaunna Herrick, who also met with investigators from the sheriff’s department.

She added: “I wanted to be able to go to the police with something. I needed something to say, it’s not just here to say, it’s actually what’s going on.

Online, a Google listing for the business now says “permanently closed.”

Action 2 News also talked about Burnsworth on the phone.

He confirmed that he was ending his activities and had already removed the signage.

Burnsworth also emailed Action 2 News a consultation form where Janssen admits Odie has killed people in the past and needs help dealing with the assault.

“The clip that’s over there is 55 or 54 seconds – whatever it is, less than a minute – of dealing with an aggressive dog that was trying to bite and tried to bite several of the trainers, and and they asked me to step in to try to help,” Burnsworth said.

Once the investigation is over, Burnsworth is convinced that he is cleared.

“We are railroaded by social media. It’s crazy. We received death threats,” he said.

As for Odie, he was seen by a vet and appears to be fine.

Janssen said: “I wanted to spread it and generate some interest because I want to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else’s pets and obviously no other innocent dogs get hurt. .”

The In Touch Dog Training website also claims to be a partner of the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers. Team president Rob Zerjav says that is not the case and a cease and desist order will be sent to Burnsworth to remove that reference.

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