Another video alleges abuse against dog trainer Outagamie Co.

BLACK CREEK, Wis. (WBAY) – There is another disturbing video alleging abuse against a dog trainer in Black Creek.

It comes as questions are also being raised over whether In Touch Dog Training remains open based on emails to current customers, after owner Allen Burnsworth previously said it intended to close.

Two videos are currently being reviewed by the Outagamie County Sheriff’s Department.

The latest is about Jenni Wright’s six-month-old puppy named Ace.

“Ace was under the table and you could see Allen was trying to do something with him. Ace was scared he didn’t want to come out so Allen grabbed him by the leash and pulled him to the floor and he stomped. probably slipped about ten to fifteen feet on the ground,” said Wright, who lives in Freedom.

On Tuesday, Burnsworth told Action 2 News he was shutting down after another video was shared on social media where Burnsworth is shown holding a dog on a leash, before dropping the dog to the ground.

Burnsworth says the dog was aggressive and kept him from biting another trainer who had asked for his help.

You can watch this story by clicking here.

“It’s definitely closed. We still have client dogs in our care who are out of town and we’ve talked to them, explained to them what’s going on. We’ve spoken to everyone and everyone who’s heard from today and several people got their dogs back, but several people left their dogs behind,” Burnsworth repeated Thursday.

On Tuesday, a Google listing said the business was “permanently closed,” prompting some viewers to contact Action 2 News after the listing changed, to “open,” two days later.

Burnsworth said Thursday he was unaware of the change since he relies on a webmaster.

He also pointed out that he has a 4.9 rating on Google and over 170 positive reviews after 15 years in business.

Burnsworth added: ‘The allegations of abuse have been found to be unfounded and I am satisfied that when the report comes out, and I have been told three to five working days that it will be.’

He also says he has received numerous death threats.

“It was completely taken out of context,” Burnsworth said.

Former employee Shaunna Herrick recorded both security camera videos before quitting over the incident, and now another former employee who asked not to be identified tells us she too had concerns .

“I was never seen once in my entire time there, and I still don’t believe at all that any of the trainers or associates would ever do anything to harm the dogs and actually a lot of us stayed through a lot of things it was hard to protect the dogs,” she said, telling us she was fired by Burnsworth in January 2020.

Action 2 News has asked the Sheriff’s Department for a timeline for this investigation.

They were unable to provide an immediate response.

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