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Meet Tobi, Kuma, and Bee, Buddies’ resident staff!

1. About friends

(Pag work, distribution and adoption)

Buddies is a bilingual company that provides rescue dogs with safe and loving homes. After giving them lots of treatment and training, we create an opportunity for them to interact with dog lovers while they search for their forever home.

Buddies was founded by a veterinarian and since then we have been dedicated to improving the quality of life for our rescue dogs. We have also worked on raising awareness of rescue dogs in Japan, as well as the adoption of our dogs. Our goal is to make the lives of our rescue dogs paw-sible and your life colorful.

Foster families and international adopters are welcome!

2. The problems encountered when adopting dogs in Japan

When it comes to animal welfare, unfortunately, Japan is considered weak by international standards. The Buddies team estimates that there are over 100,000 dogs and cats euthanized every year. Although the pet industry in Japan is thriving, over 80% of dogs are purchased from pet stores rather than through adoption or foster homes. The ethics of pet stores that sell dogs and cats are often questionable, and leftover pets are often sold on the black market for euthanasia.

Unlike other countries, most Japanese are unaware of the situation unfolding in pet stores. To make matters worse, in Japanese culture there is a negative connotation behind shelter animals, and as a result, most people tend to buy their pets from regular stores, rather than adopting or rehoming them. encourage them.

Many international residents living in Japan are interested in animal rescue. However, this is often not an easy task as it is incredibly difficult to find an animal-friendly rental apartment. It is also difficult to find an English-speaking veterinarian or trainer. Finally, the saddest reason of all, animal rescue groups are often reluctant to give their animals to international residents.

Buddies would like to help you start a new paw life in Tokyo through our paw work service, rescue dog dispatch and adoption services.

Kuma as a puppy. All Buddies rescue dogs receive extensive training to prepare them for their forever home.

3. Adoption

We encourage international residents, unmarried couples, same-sex couples, singles, etc., who are often turned away by many shelters in Japan. (Interviews are required to ensure the best match between dogs and adopters.)

We also offer a reliable post-adoption support service that includes medical consultation in English or Japanese and delivery of vet-recommended foods and supplements, so you can enjoy life with your fur to the fullest. Japan.

4. Host family

Do you want to adopt a dog but don’t know how long you will stay in Japan or cannot commit to a long-term pet? Buddies works with a team of volunteers who foster dogs until they find their forever home. If your landlord allows pets and you can participate in training sessions and take care of one of our rescue dogs, please feel free to email Carna at or message via Instagram Don’t worry if you have to go back to your home country to visit family, or if your Japanese isn’t fluent, Buddies’ volunteer team supports each other in caring for the dogs as much as possible.

Buddies works with Tokyo offices and groups to help socialize dogs.

4. Leg work

With our Paw-working service, you can work while surrounded by adorable rescue dogs in a coworking space. You will be able to cuddle dogs and support rescue dogs emotionally, helping them feel safe around people and supporting them as they find their forever home. Every Thursday and Friday at BLINK, Roppongi, the dogs join the coworking space for the afternoon, and you can contact Buddies if you’d like us to visit your office space.

The Buddies team at work during a yoga session.

5. Shipping

We “send” our rescue dogs to offices, schools, nursing homes, etc. to provide healing and special experiences. In offices where we have sent dogs in the past, there have been many positive effects, such as promoting communication between employees and reducing employee stress levels by half. Interestingly, we have also confirmed that our dogs’ stress levels also decrease after their dispatch service.

6. Last dog to adopt: Meet Lynn!

  • Beautiful Lynn is a mixed breed female dog of about 3 years old.
  • She must soon be castrated and is looking for a new home.
  • She was abandoned by her mother’s owner right after she was born.
  • She spent most of her life in a small cage at a dog shelter that has the highest number of euthanasias in Japan, so she is very lucky that we managed to give her a second chance.
  • She is a bit shy and timid because she didn’t have the opportunity to socialize growing up and was taken away from her mother at birth, but she is affectionate and will easily let strangers touch and hold her.
  • She’s playful and loves being petted, but because she grew up in a shelter cage, she’s still learning what dog toys are for!
  • She also enjoys interacting with other dogs. However, she often has trouble expressing her feelings to other dogs because she wasn’t socialized as a puppy, and her actions can sometimes seem a little too close or aggressive. We’re working with her to make her more comfortable about it.
  • At the moment, she lives in a foster family with three cats, and she has no problems with them.
  • She can’t wait to learn to be a free dog and is making huge progress every day!
  • Interested in adopting Lynn? Please email Carna at or message via Instagram


  • Can I adopt or foster a dog if I am an international resident?
    ⇒ Of course!
  • Can I adopt or foster a dog if my apartment is small?
    ⇒ Yes. They will be much happier if they can spend time with you even in a small house rather than a small cage in an animal shelter.
  • How long do foster dogs usually take?
    ⇒ It depends on the dog. This sometimes takes several months to several years.
  • What support will the Buddies provide?
    ⇒ Medical care, food, etc. But we appreciate your donation if you are able to contribute to the expenses.
  • I don’t speak Japanese, are you ok?
    ⇒ It’s good! Our founder and veterinarian speaks English and Japanese.
  • Can I adopt or foster a dog if I have children or pets?
    ⇒ Yes. (Although it depends on the character of the dog, so we will have to find the right dog for your house.)
  • How much should I budget for keeping a dog in Tokyo?
    ⇒ Initial cost (including cost of transfer, neutering and dog supplies); estimated at ¥100,000-200,000. Later ¥200,000-¥300,000/year
  • What are the requirements for me to be allowed to adopt or foster a dog?
    ⇒ Your landlord must allow pets in the house or apartment. Enough time (for walking, playing, caring). Consent of anyone with whom you share your accommodation. The right budget, patience and optimism!




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