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TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – The family refused to file a complaint with the police. We have extended several interview opportunities to the family. We also asked the Chief of Police to explain protocols for responding to complaints of aggressive animals.

So far, all parties have denied these claims. We want to examine how people react to incidents with allegedly aggressive animals.

In this case, a neighbor called 9-1-1 to report an aggressive dog in the home, but the family says their pets did not.

News 10 visited the Vonbernd K9 training center in Terre Haute today.

We spoke with the owner about what to do if you come across an animal that you think is aggressive.

John Holcomb is the owner of a K9 training center in Terre Haute.

He has been training dogs and their owners for over four decades.

He says people should leave aggressive dogs alone when they see one.

“If you’re approaching a house and an animal is protecting the house, obviously they’re going to protect that territory. You kind of have to get away from them.”

Holcomb adds that pet owners need to take their time getting to know their pets.

That way things don’t get worse when they’re with other people.

“Most of the time it falls on the owner, he has to know his dog. Don’t put him in a situation he can’t handle. In other words, don’t let him run away if he’s an aggressive dog. let him loose, he needs to be watched.”

He talks about ways you can help your dog stay calm in high stress situations.

“In order not to be aggressive you have to socialize him, you just can’t just lock him in the house and never take him anywhere and then expect him to react. He has to be able to get used to the people, to other animals, it should be used at the exhibition.”

Holcomb says no matter how old the dog is…you can always help them be their best selves.

“You can still train old dogs, a lot of people say you can’t train old dogs. In fact you can and sometimes they are a lot easier than young puppies because puppies have a short attention span but you the aggressive part of it you have to bring them in and take control of them.”

if you would like to enroll your dog in training classes, call John Holcomb at 765-562-2889

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